Payroll Services

Payroll Services 

When EVK Payroll handles your payroll you will have the flexibility and immediate control of all employees information: Hours worked, deductions, permissions, accruals, garnishments, etc., accompanied by a group of professionals at your service, no matter how big or small your business is … it’s very important that this work is developed by professionals for the fulfillment of all legal requirements, obligations and  to take control of your staff. The payroll management includes the following services:

  • Checks Payroll
  • Direct Deposit Stubs
  • Payroll Records
  • Payroll Tax Liability Register
  • New Hire Register
  • Preparation of 941
  • Preparation of 940
  • Preparation of state Unemployment Forms
  • State and Federal Reconciliations
  • Notification of all taxes and discounts presented by local, state and federal authorities

Additional services

  • Holidays / licenses
  • General Ledger Report
  • 401K report
  • Consolidated Check Register, Register an Payroll Tax Reports
  • Vendor Checks
  • Worker's Compensation detail and full register


We have developed a number of legal and personal company reports to control all activities of your business and may be immediately according to your requirements.  All information provided for the processing of your payroll, as employees’ data and wages, is completely private and secure. We follow rigorous and precise data security standards; all the data information is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL).